General conditions

General Regulations


  • All of our apartments are marked by a yellow stickerHRS” on the door.


  • All customers have 48 hours after arrival to notify HRS in writing, either by letter or by email, of any observations they make concerning the state of the apartments (i.e. any broken items, malfunctioning items, or any issues regarding cleanliness.) After this time, Home Rental Service will no longer accept any complaints.


  • Upon arrival, please introduce yourself to the caretaker (« Concierge ») by name and indicate your length of stay.


  • Check in begins at 3PM. Check out is at 11AM, remaining thereafter will incur an extra day’s charge.


  • Check out:       Check out takes place with a HRS representative in the apartment just before departure. The appointment for check out should be made at least 48 hours in advance.


  • Extending your stay: notice is necessary within one week minimum before your scheduled departure. If not notified, the apartment will be automatically made available for rental upon the scheduled departure date.


  • An amendment to the agreement is essential in order to validate any extension of stay.


  • Gas, electricity and water are included in the rent for normal consumption. Excessive consumption will be charged to the rent.


  • Please do not touch the Gas Heater; it is maintained and serviced by a qualified technician.


  • If you move any furniture, please return it to its original place.


  • House cleaning takes place once a week. It does not include dish washing or garbage removal.


  • Home Rental Service reserves the right to access an apartment during office hours to insure maintenance and visits. However, you will be notified beforehand.


  • Never leave the key inside the door lock in the apartment. Damaged lock and lost key will be charged.


  • Home Rental Service responsibility will not be involved in case of robbery or damage on personal belongings.


  • When you definitely leave the apartment, please make sure the windows are closed. Please close the door before your departure (leave the they on a table for example after informing Home Rental Service).


  • Should you require HRS to send an aid for an unjustified technical problem (i.e. claiming the television is broken when it is only unplugged) there will be a charge 50€.


  • Cable Internet: Just plug the Ethernet RJ 45 cable to your computer. (Plug & Play)


  • Internet wifi: Please verify the modem’s connecters are securely plugged in and the lights on the modem are on. The Wep or Wpa key is a security code that is given on a sticker under the modem. (Copy in caps)

In case of mal-function, please unplug the modem from the wall and re-plug it. Once it reboots, please try again. If it is a Live Box (Orange France Telecom), for first connection, please press the button called « REG » or « WiFi » for three seconds in order to catch the wireless network.(You have three minutes to catch the network, and during that time, a red light should be blinking).


  • Cable TV : Please verify the wires (cable box, TV) are securely plugged in. Turn on the TV with the TV remote control pressing on the power button, then press on the “AV channel » or « EXT ». Turn on the cable box and use the cable box remote control in order to change channels.

If you have a DSL TV connection with a Live Box, Unplug the equipment and re-plug the live box, then the cable box.


  • Emergency numbers: Fire : 18   Police : 17   Ambulance : 15   Taxis G7 : 3607 Taxis bleus : 3609